Affiliate link cloaking software program cloaks and protects your affiliate links so people can't cheat you out of your affiliate commissions!Stealth Affiliate is the only link cloaking software that works with every Web Browser!
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Cloak your affiliate links and secure your affiliate commissions!
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  You will protect your affiliate links and secure your earnings.
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  You will even be able to send prospects directly to the merchant's order page!

Put an end to lost commissions and ugly affiliate links with Stealth Affiliate!

Stealth Affiliate will securely cloak and protect ClickBank hoplinks!

Dear Fellow Internet Marketer,

If I showed you how to increase your affiliate earnings by at least 20% a month with my new Stealth Affiliate software program, would you use it?

Of course you would!

Let me introduce myself:

My name is Don Richter, you may not know me, but if you do then you know that I'm an Internet business owner, a professional software developer and web designer, a certified software tester, and I'm a fellow affiliate marketer.

My experience and expertise includes developing and marketing products that help other Internet marketers, and my new Stealth Affiliate software program is the best product for helping affiliate marketers maximize their income!

The reason I named it Stealth Affiliate is because it completely conceals and secures your affiliate links so they are not visible on the web page or in the source code, or in any web address. This way the visitor will never know "your affiliate cookie" has been set.

Plus, Stealth Affiliate works with every Web Browser so there's NO RISK of it not working... and you DON'T need to spend your valuable time trying to make it work because it has been professionally tested, and it's very easy to use!

Stealth Affiliate Works with Every Affiliate Program!

The Stealth Affiliate software program has at least 2 code generators that will work with every affiliate program.

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Unsolicited Customer Testimonials

"Thanks for your support long after the purchase"
Hi Don,

I want to thank you for developing Stealth Affiliate for us affiliates who are always trying to find ways to make affiliate marketing work in the smoothest ways possible.

I purchased your software about 2 years ago, and even then you were helpful in responding to my questions.

With your new version it is so simple to create just what I need.

Thanks for your support long after the purchase. Being around so long only speaks volumes on how good your product is, and how you support your customers.

Thank you,

David Reynolds

"Your product is awesome!"
Hi Don,

I'm a customer of your Stealth Affiliate product. I want to say your product is awesome! Easy to use and works great.


Trevor Chang

"A great software I will cherish for years to come!"

I've tried a whole heap of affiliate link cloakers, actually I've tried them all. But none of them can be compared to Stealth Affiliate.

I've tested them all for myself and found that Stealth Affiliate will cloak any link in any browser any time of the day. Well done!

A great software I will cherish for years to come!

Benjamin W J Teo

"Stealth Affiliate integrates with Covert Conversion Pro"
Stealth Affiliate is one of the best Link Cloaking solutions on the market!

JP Schoeffel

"Your program really is the best!"

I can say after using about 5 or 6 different cloakers - Your program really is the best! Great job and it works with tracking which is way cool.

The program is the answer I needed and love how it works.


Bill Robertson

"Brilliant product"
Hi Don,

Brilliant product. I hate code but I'm having fun with this.

Thank you,

Shamir Poojara

"I'm very impressed with the software"

I'm very impressed with the software. Easy to use and it actually works!

Ray Willmoth

"I really love the ease of use and the layout!"

I must say that stealth affiliate is a great program. I really love the ease of use and the layout!

Kip Goldhammer

"I love your program!"
Hi Don,

I am very impressed by the program, and how it intergrates into my marketing. I love your program! Works great, thank you!


Jory Holness

"I've been using your product for months now"
Hi Don,

Thank you so much for the extremely quick reply to my question. Glad to see there are some people that are really involved in their businesses out there. I have over 100 clients and they've been asking me how to "hide" links. I've been using your product for months now. I will be sending all people interested and that understand the benefit your way.

Thanks again for the "active" reply. I was very impressed!

Joel Mackey

"The program is great, thanks"
Don, thanks for your prompt reply.

I understand more clearly now, thank you.

The program is great, thanks. I have set up five pages for links in my e-book, and they all worked!

I have been trying several different pieces of software lately for different things on the site, but I have found that many are unreliable.

Yours is rock solid. I appreciate that.

Take care,

Mal Huddleston

Use Stealth Affiliate to increase
your affiliate commission checks!

Here are 20 ways You will Benefit from using Stealth Affiliate:

  1. Stealth Affiliate will securely conceal your ClickBank hoplinks with an encryption method that will work with every Internet user's Web Browser!

  2. Stealth Affiliate Links work in WordPress and Blogger blog posts! Use Stealth Affiliate to create cloaked affiliate links to place in your Blogger and WordPress blog posts.

  3. Stealth Affiliate Links work on social sites like MySpace and Squidoo! Use the Stealth Code Generators to create the cloaked affiliate links to place on your MySpace and Squidoo social sites.

  4. Stealth Affiliate Links work in social bookmarking site posts! Use Stealth Affiliate to create cloaked affiliate links to place in your social bookmarking site posts.

  5. Stealth Affiliate Links work in email messages and in eBooks. Plus, you can even send prospects directly to the merchant's order page!

  6. Stealth Affiliate works with tracking systems! Stealth Affiliate works with affiliate program sales tracking systems (like ClickBank and Commission Junction have), and it works with independent keyword/sales tracking programs.

  7. Use Stealth Affiliate to cloak your affiliate links and eliminate the reluctance people have to click on affiliate links and purchase from affiliate pages.

  8. Use Stealth Affiliate to conceal and secure your affiliate links and overcome the problems of people trying to bypass your affiliate links and/or attempting to cheat you out of your affiliate commissions.

  9. Use Stealth Affiliate to instantly and automatically set your affiliate cookie on your visitors' computer when they click your cloaked affiliate links.

  10. Use Stealth Affiliate to create cloaked affiliate links to place in your product reviews.

  11. Use Stealth Affiliate to create cloaked affiliate links to place on content rich web pages that will be accepted by Search Engines, Google Adwords (and all other Pay-Per-Clicks) that will allow you to boost your affiliate sales/commissions from highly targeted traffic.

  12. Use Stealth Affiliate to simultaneously promote a product and its affiliate program so you can increase your team of affiliates and build residual income even if you don't make a sale on the product.

  13. Use Stealth Affiliate to add multiple cloaked affiliate links to your web pages to increase your chances of receiving affiliate commissions.

  14. Use Stealth Affiliate to control the purchase process and send your visitor to any website, web page, or order page you choose.

  15. Use the Stealth Affiliate Code Generators to write your own sales page and then provide a Stealth Affiliate Link to the order page.

  16. Use Stealth Affiliate to make an affiliate web page look like it is a part of your website.

  17. Use Stealth Affiliate to make an affiliate web page look like it is a part of your website and that you can also use with a drop-in or pop-up opt-in email subscription box.

  18. Use the Stealth Affiliate Pop-Under Generator to create Stealth Affiliate Pop-Under Codes that you can add to any of your web pages. This will allow you to promote any affiliate page/website you choose via a Stealth Affiliate Pop-Under.

  19. Use the Stealth Affiliate Pop-Under Codes to promote multiple affiliate pages/websites at the same time from just "one" click from the visitor by adding multiple Stealth Affiliate Pop-Unders to your Stealth Affiliate Link page(s).

  20. Use a Stealth Affiliate Pop-Under to capture the visitor's name and email address by adding a Stealth Affiliate Pop-Under that contains an irresistible offer to subscribe to your newsletter. You can add this Pop-Under Code to any of your web pages or Stealth Affiliate Link pages and you can also use it in combination with other Stealth Affiliate Pop-Under Codes.

Warning: If you are using a JavaScript based link cloaking product then your JavaScript cloaked links will not work for approximately 10% of the visitors to your website!

Stealth Affiliate is the best affiliate link protection system and it works without relying upon JavaScript.

This is extremely important because statistics confirm that approximately 10% of Internet users are deliberately blocking JavaScript to stop JavaScript activated scripts and programs.

If you want to maximize your affiliate earnings then you need to get Stealth Affiliate.

If you want to boost your website's popularity and search engine rankings instead of ClickBank's or the merchant's website then you need to get Stealth Affiliate.

If you want to securely conceal and protect your affiliate links so you won't be cheated out of your affiliate commissions then you need to get Stealth Affiliate now!

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Unlimited Updates

Most companies charge their customers for updates and new releases, however with this bonus you will receive Unlimited Updates for free! Whenever new features and/or improvements are added to Stealth Affiliate you will receive the new version for free.

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Don Richter

P.S. I'm only going to let a few more people get my Stealth Affiliate software because this product is extremely effective and I don't want hundreds of people competing with me by using my software to make more sales of affiliate products.

Doing that would dilute the value and the quality of this secret system and the Stealth Affiliate product - for me and my customers. When I stop offering this product (or triple the price) to limit the number of customers, you'll be out of luck. So, you need to get the Stealth Affiliate software now while it's still available!

P.P.S. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain with my risk free 60 day 100% satisfaction guarantee! Just try it - and if it doesn't do everything I say, or if you don't absolutely love it, just let me know and I'll give you every cent of your money back.

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Considering that you can easily increase your affiliate earnings by at least 20% a month just from using my Stealth Affiliate software - $47 is a very smart investment.

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Please Note: If you have any problems placing your order, have any questions, or need product support please click here to contact us. We are here to help!   For Order Support, please contact ClickBank HERE.

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